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Map from “The Potawatomie Indians” by Otho Winger, Published 1961, Elgin Press

First Settlers About the Lake:

From History of Lake Maxinkuckee by Daniel McDonald  1905  Published by the Maxinkuckee Lake Association

“The owners of the land and the first settlers about the lake of which any record can be found were American Indians known as the Pottawattomies.  They belonged to the great Algonquin family.  The first traces we have of them locates their territory in the Lake Superior region on the islands at the entrance to Green Bay.  About 1817 it was estimated that there were more than 2,000 Pottawattomies, nearly one half of them located in the region of country surrounding Maxinkuckee Lake, embracing Marshall, Cass, Fulton, Pulaski, St. Joseph and Kosciusko counties.  At that time they had no uniform abiding place or residence.  During the fall, winter and portion of the spring they were scattered in the woods hunting and fishing.  Their wigwams were made of poles stuck in the ground and tied together with strips of bark or kind of mat, out of a growth of flag grass.  There was an occasional rude hut made of logs or poles, but nearly all the dwellings were wigwams hastil put up.  They raised some corn, but lived principally on wild game, fish, fruits, nuts and roots, and were clothed during cold weather with blankets and untanned skins.”


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