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These are scans from the original newspapers, some of which were printed in sizes that don’t fit well even on  large flat-bed scanners–so there is occasionally some loss at top or bottom, less frequently at the sides.

Note, too, that many Indiana newspapers (not just the Citizen) have been digitized (typically from microfilm copies) and are available free of charge to Hoosier researches through Inspire. For further information and detailed directions, see: https://blog.newspapers.library.in.gov/digitized-newspapers/inspire/ .

The Culver Citizen, 1903-present

The Culver City Herald, 1896-1903

The Maxinkuckee Chatterer, 1901

The Marmont Herald, 1894-1895 (Will be Added Soon)

2 Responses to “Newspapers”

  1. Marliss Desens says:

    The April through June 1907 Culver Citizen issues are not here. Instead, the July through August issues are on twice.

  2. Marliss Desens says:

    Also, the August 22, 1907 paper, page 1, has had the top part cut off, so that part of the paper is missing. It needs to be re-scanned so that the entire front page can be read.

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