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Maxinkuckee Village

The Village of Maxinkuckee

 Though it was never formally platted or incorporated, the village of Maxinkuckee had a church, a township school, a post office, a historic hotel, stores and even a lodge (the International Order of Odd Fellows). It was, so far as we know, the only place in Marshall County where European settlement followed directly on the site of a Potawatomi village–in this case, that of Chief Nas-wau-kee (pictured above, center, in a portrait by George Winter).

During 2018-2019, a committee of the AHS, co-chaired by Patricia Cole and Past President James Peterson, conducted some initial studies for the preservation of Maxinkuckee Village.

Video of a presentation by Kurt West Garner, given at the Culver Depot on February 16, 2019, is available on the AHS YouTube Channel.

Slides from Mr. Garner’s June 22 encore presentation (with some updates from February) are in this pdf file (8.7 MB: may load slowly!).

Here is the full text of Mr. Garner’s report:


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