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  1. Marcia Walter says:

    Father was Kenneth R Walter 2114 E. Lake Shore Dr.
    Brother KG Walter, Sisters Patti Jo Pedigo, Celeste Shepherd and Jackie Walter

  2. Marcia Walter says:

    I have loved Culver since I was 10, we used to come swimming and boating then Dad bought the house… I miss it so much. Thanks for sharing all this history.

  3. Sharon Voreis McCain says:

    We visited your office last week. We were in search of the 1st pioneers of Marshall County rock monument. The young lady at your office was so very helpful. She was going to send me a photo of this rock monument and I haven’t received. Maybe I gave her the wrong information. By the way with her help we found the actual monument as well as received a phone call with regard to the original Voreis homestead location. Thank you so very much for making our trip fanastic.

  4. Taylor Simpson (CUTFD - FireFighter) says:

    Jeff, You did a really great job on the fire department. I learned a lot and it was really interesting.

    Taylor Simpson (CUTFD – Fire Fighter)

  5. admin says:

    Thanks very much, Taylor! Glad you made it to the program *and* the website here. Been adding more fire-related photos here, and there are more to come. Thanks to you guys for hosting the event as well. –Jeff

  6. bridalbeau says:

    Most informative blog, Thank you for posting this, I will bookmark this blog, thanking you.

  7. Steve Bair says:

    I believe John Houghton has a photo of said Rock.

  8. Tammy Miller says:

    Under the section “Search This Site”-when you put a surname in and the results come up, I am only able to access the first 9 columns/pages of results even though more are listed. I can see the numeral “10” off to the right but I am not able to click on it or tab to the right to access. Please advise as to what I need to do. Thanks for all the publications & newspapers you are posting!

  9. admin says:

    Tammy – the Google Search widget appears to be displaying in a way that clips off the “next page” button; thank you for pointing this out! We will be looking for a solution to this rendering issue immediately.

    In the meantime, you can do the same search directly from google.com by typing in “inurl:culverahs.com” before your search terms. Just make sure to leave out the quotation marks and put a space between the search limiter and your search terms. The search will return the same amount of results, but you will be able to navigate through all of them (as opposed to only some).

    Sorry about the rendering error in our widget, we’ll get that addressed!

    – Gregory Waksmulski
    Museum Director,
    Center for Culver History

  10. Joe Baughn says:

    sharon, my wife’s family is also listed on the “rock” and we have a articles about it if you are interested.


    Joe Baughn

  11. Tammy Miller says:

    Thank you very much! I appreciate all the information you have posted on this website. It is tremendously helpful!

  12. Love Lake Max says:

    I would not have got these if it was not for the gallery – could not pass them up, GORGEOUS!

  13. KATHY VITEK says:

    Thanks for the chance to purchase a brick honoring our father. Can his brick be placed close to the bricks for Bill Snyder Family. That was his brother and PAUL T SNYDER his father.

    Thank you and I look forward to returning to Culver someday soon to see this lovely display in Heritage Park. KATHY SCUDDER VITEK

  14. William Taber says:

    The Wesley United Methodist Church Directory that is labeled as circa 1960s is actually circa 1972. My brother, Bob, and I were both displaying our svelte wrestling physiques and whisker-free faces in our family photo, and Bob graduated from high school in the spring on 1973.

  15. Cathy Keller says:

    1972 Cavalcade is unfinished.

  16. Tim Davis says:

    My great-grandfather, George Washington Davis (1860-1940) was superintendent of the ice plant. An article on the file was published in the Culver Citizen, on June 14, 1906 (see https://www.newspapers.com/clip/5676072/ice_plant_fire_george_davis/ ).

  17. Marliss Desens says:

    The April through June 1907 Culver Citizen issues are not here. Instead, the July through August issues are on twice.

  18. Marliss Desens says:

    Also, the August 22, 1907 paper, page 1, has had the top part cut off, so that part of the paper is missing. It needs to be re-scanned so that the entire front page can be read.

  19. hack timmons says:

    would like to see the 1923 yearbook. Is there any chance you will publish it? My mother was a grad that year. thank you. jack timmons/ Her name was wells.

  20. JUDITH E BURNS says:

    Unidentified members of the Culver fire dept., circa 1960s. A young, pre-chief Lance Overmyer is visible in back row center, and Leon Bennett at lower right.

    1st row L-R – Sam Schrimsher, Jay Snyder, Don Mikesell, Leon Bennett
    2nd row L-R Bill Martin, Verl McFeeley, ? man in suit . Bill Wagner
    3rd row L R- Alvin Triplet, Lance Overmyer, Donavan Overmyer, Fire Chief David Burns

  21. sally medbourn says:

    I have a video of Tommye Lou Glaze performing at the 1962 Miss America Pageant.
    Miss Glaze was a 1957 Culver High School graduate.
    She was Miss Indiana in 1962 and 4th runner up in the 1962 Miss America Pageant.

  22. Eva Marshall says:

    Hello – I am looking for pictures of the graduation class of 1940 – where can I find these please. Thank you.

  23. Judith E. Burns says:

    These will not load

    Culver Citizen, Dec. 14, 1967
    Culver Citizen, Dec. 28, 1967

  24. Christine Fuller says:

    I have this original letter. It has been passed down through my family. I am interested in donating